Thank you for your interest in helping the homeless, poor, and working poor in our community.  Volunteering with Metro Ministries is a wonderful way to help the less fortunate. At CCMM, we have several volunteer opportunities of which we are always looking for individuals and organizations to help with. Here you will find activities and descriptions of the duties involved.

Volunteer Application

All Programs

  • Administrative work
    • filing, data entry, re-organizing spaces, miscellaneous administrative work as needed
  • Holiday decorating
    • For any holiday
    • Can include one or more than one program (example: only Rainbow House for women and children AND/OR Rustic House for men), depending on preference

Vineyard Social and Case Management Services

  • Clothing Donation Sorting
    • Needed especially in November and December when cold month donations increase
    • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are best
    • Have volunteers take donations to the Gathering Place and sort by men/women/children’s clothes
    • Remainder donations re-bagged and delivered by vols to Goodwill, including items unsuitable for sorting
  • Make hygiene kits
    • Combine donated soaps, toothbrushes, shampoos into quick-grab bags
    • Monday – Friday, except Thursday

Loaves and Fishes Cafeteria

  • Meal serving
    • Two or three volunteers needed for every mealtime (Monday – Friday: lunch at 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., dinner at 4:45 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
    • Need Food Handler’s Permit, which is easy to get online for $10                              Food Handler Permit
    • Community Kitchen
      • Group comes in and uses kitchen to make a meal for the homeless on Saturday or Sunday
      • Great towards supporting the City’s effort to stop street feeding
      • All of group must have Food Handler’s Permit
      • Must provide at least three weeks notice

Rustic House for Men

  • Holiday parties
  • Bible study
  • Book club
  • Any learning/teaching opportunities (ex: computer skills, money management, etc)

Rainbow House for Women

    • Holiday parties
    • Bible Study
    • Book Club
    • Any learning/teaching opportunities (ex: computer skills, money management, etc)
    • Children’s activities
      • Preferably women only
      • Reading to the kids to give the moms a chance to do chores; Monday – Thursday 6:00 – 8:00 PM
      • Arts and crafts activities
      • “Just Because” parties

Gabbard Health Clinic

    • Always in need of doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians
      • We hold clinics every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Click for monthly calendar Gabbard Clinic October 2017 Calendar
      • All we ask is to provide 2 hours of time per month, and more if you can
      • Can accommodate to specific time if you are not available during our regular clinic times, such as one day per month
  • Medical records data entry


If you have a volunteer project that is not on our current list, that doesn’t necessarily mean your talents can’t be put to use! We are always open to new volunteer projects. What have you seen today that inspires you to volunteer?  A new idea?  One of the above? For more information about volunteering at Corpus Christi Metro Ministries, please call Gary at (361) 887-0151 x 229.

Thank you for all you do to help the hungry, homeless and working poor!